Total Body Conditioning Workouts

What do we do?

MyFitLife workouts are designed to challenge every inch of you safely and at your own pace, giving you a total body conditioning workout.


Think Circuit Training crossed with a bit of Bootcamp, and some pilates and yoga style moves stirred in. 


Combining elements of different training techniques, or ‘cross-training’, ensures you get the most out of each session by conditioning your whole body in a variety of directions, speeds and intensities.


It gives you a perfect blend of cardio, strength, balance & flexibility for a varied, high intensity, fun & challenging workout.

Why do it like that?


It’s pretty much the only form of exercise that gets to every part of you. It’s an overall approach to total body conditioning, not just training for one sport or specialism.


Running, cycling, spinning, swimming, rugby, yoga, pilates etc, are all great, but you get the benefits of all these activities in one session - how many hours of running or football would you need to do, to burn calories and tone muscle like we can in under an hour?

Who’s it good for?


Everyone; from the very active to the not-so-active, whether you play rugby or knit, it will work for you. You always work at your own pace because it’s an exercise plan that grows with your personal fitness and your own motivation.


It is also an excellent complement to any other sporting or exercise activity because of the overall approach to challenging your whole body.

No heroes here!


All sessions are open to all levels each week because I can tailor all the moves to suit your own level, and still make it work for everyone. We all have to start from somewhere and it’s ok if you come along and jog for some of it!

We live a mighty long time…

So the aim is to keep yourself as fit, healthy and flexible as possible to live a fit and active older age, for as long as it takes. It’s got to be worth making the effort now, 60 is the new 40 after all. Will you be up to it?

How often?


A weekly MFL session is a great thing and hopefully it will motivate you to do more. Upwards of two sessions per week is ideal to get the most out of yourself.

Last bit


Total flexibility: come to any session within the series you’ve paid for, depending on your work/life schedule each week. Just bring a mat, water, a positive mindset and maybe a small towel as it can get a bit sweaty!



One Life – Make It Fit



Like most of us, I have spent several years trying various forms of exercise classes, hoping to find one that really worked for me and was also challenging and interesting.


The two things I noticed most was the general lack of helpful and timely instruction to make sure the exercises were done properly, and some of the other participants’ propensity to chat during the sessions, twiddle around a bit on the mat and then leave after two weeks.


I drew two conclusions from these experiences; a) people need to know what is expected of them, and b) people need to be motivated.


These conclusions have given me another purpose for being a coach: to teach people to work with their body, understand how it’s all connected and what happens when you do it like this, and not so much like that. 


By giving people knowledge, you also give them motivation. And those are two things you need in order to be safe and effective whilst training.


If you really want to feel and see the results of your investment you need a lifestyle change, mentally & physically, to make your future wellbeing, part of your present lifestyle. It’s a big step, a proper challenge, a fantastic goal.


But honestly, I don’t think many of us can do it on our own, I know I can’t, I don’t have enough self-discipline! So I get it from working out with my groups every week. It’s all good – we all get fitter and stronger together.


Come and try it for free any time that suits you.

One Life – Make It Fit


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about MyFitLife. 


My name is Jemma, I’ve lived in Ashtead for 16 years.


I’ve done lots of bits and bobs in my life, from being a hang gliding instructor in my 20’s, to being a mother of twins, plus one more 17 months later, in my late 30’s. For some reason I felt I wasn’t busy enough, so for an easy life, I started MyFitLife in 2013.


I had a few good reasons. Firstly, I need no excuses to stay at home and eat cake, so I am no different to pretty much everyone else.


Secondly, I refuse to give in and grow old. So now at 53, after 6 years as a coach, I’m feeling pretty positive about the inevitable latter years.


Thirdly, I have three teenage girls and need to set a good example and hope not to be a future burden to them.

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